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A Look Inside our 2018 - 2019 Large Teacher Planners

by Jose Cortez March 12, 2018 1 Comment

As educators, we strive to grow professionally so that we can enrich our student’s mindsets throughout the school year. That feeling of observing growth and progress within ourselves and our students is something magical, isn't it? It truly embodies what we were called to do in this profession.
These same principles have helped guide me this past year, as I completely re-designed the My Classroom Planner. It was time for our planner to grow and improve. Our new designs can be found in our Large Planner options and our NEW line of Binders coming very soon!
I am so proud of how our planner has shaped itself and I am excited to show it to you all!
In this post, I will walk you through the planner page by page. :)

Large Teacher Planners

Size: 9.5" X 11"

The inside covers to the planner continue to have pockets, to keep important notes and materials.

The first page has a new clean look for you to write contact information in case your planner is misplaced.

The following pages are a note from me (yay!) and the first official page of the planner, your Daily Schedule for the year!

The following page is for you to write down your specials (a.k.a. Co-Curr) schedule, and your early release schedule.

Followed by a page to write down #AllTheImportantNumbers :)

Next, a page to write down those important safety procedures. This is great for those who like to leave their planners on their desks for the sub to reference when they are out!

Speaking of substitute's, the next page is your new best friend! A page to keep those important names and numbers! The Substitute Info page.

Next, we have a page that I love to leave open during meet-the-teacher and parent nights. Your Class Volunteers page!

Followed by the Field Trip Info page where you can keep track of where you are headed throughout the year and who is coming along to help!

Integrating technology can be overwhelming simply because of #AllTheUsernamesAndPasswords we have to create! And when you are asked to use at least 1 symbol, and 1 capitol letter, and something you haven't used before, and 1 Latin word (totally exaggerating) it becomes too much! So, this page is here to give you some techno-peace.

This next page is the first tab in your planner. All the previous pages we just previewed are for your information. Now, we get into the STUDENTS TAB where you can keep track of student information.
This page is your Student Roster. If you like to assign numbers to your students for the year, you will LOVE this planner! This page has your numbers already printed for you when you write each student in, and even better, students are now color-coded too! (I'll explain this more as we go!) We'll use number 5 as an example. Notice how it is orange. Just hold on to that and we will come back to it later, I promise!
Next, a place to write down your student's birthdays! (You can of course write down colleagues, friends, and family birthdays too!)
Another great page to leave out during meet-the-teacher is the Transportation page. Tip: Use pencil, in case it changes soon after.
Some years you may not use this next page much and other years it will be FULL! Either way, it's a great page to have so you can jot down important tid bits to remember about your kids allergy and medical needs throughout the year.
After that, we have 2 pages of grid paper for you to create your grand seating plan! Tip: also use pencil here. It might change as you go!
The next three pages are passwords pages for your students. Do you remember how student #5 was orange? Check out #5 on this page!
There are spots to keep track of three important websites your students may use throughout the year, along with their usernames and passwords. :)
We now come to one of my favorite sections of the planner. The Student Info pages. I know many of us have our student information electronically and can access it somewhat easily whenever we need. However, this is the quickest way for me to find a parent phone number when I need it right away. Sometimes our school internet is slow, or the website containing our student information is down, etc.; having this information written down in your planner is a blessing!
The following tab in your planner is the PARENTS TAB. A place to keep important information about parent communication throughout the year.
The first page in this tab is your Conference Schedule. There are two of these pages, in case you work in a school where you are required to have parent-teacher conferences twice a year.
Followed by several pages of Parent-Teacher conference logs. We also sell these conference log sheets as a 50-page notepad on our website!
We then move along to the next section of the planner, the CHECKLIST TAB.
There are six 2-page spreads of checklist pages. Notice also, how number 5 continues to be orange throughout the planner! Like I said, if you are the type of teacher who loves to color-code #allthethings, this planner will make your teacher heart happy! I have also placed the student numbers on the other end of the checklist (second page) to easily verify that you are on the correct student when writing on that page.
After the six 2-page spreads of checklist pages, you will find the Assessment Data pages. Also numbered and color-coded!
A great place to keep track of those benchmark tests our students take throughout the school year.
We now arrive at the calendar tabs and pages! Each month has its own tab page with a to-do list landing page. Here is the AUGUST TAB.
I have seen these to-do list pages used in so many different ways. Personalize this page to fit your needs and what you'd like to tackle each month!
Our new calendar layout is shown below. It is very similar to the way it has been in the past, however now it has more space! We made it very clean and simple so that you can easily plan out your month and add your own stickers or decorations to make it festive if you'd like. These Large Planners AND our new line of binders come with dates and holidays printed in them! ***Our smaller planners will not come with dates or holidays printed.
After each two-page calendar spread you will find two notes pages. These pages are perfect to write down important information pertaining to that particular month. If you are at a team or staff meeting that month, this is a great place to jot things down and reference later. :)
After these notes pages, turn the page and you will find your Lesson Planning pages!
There are five weeks of lesson planning pages per month, excluding June and July. June has 4 weeks worth of planning pages and July does not have any. Don't worry, if you teach somewhere where you may need planning pages during those months, there are several weeks of planning pages in the planner that will not be used (i.e. months that only have 4 weeks, or months where there is a holiday week) that you can use. Tip: Place a sticky note or a clip to easily access those weeks when you need them.
The last tab of the planner is the NOTES TAB. This section was much needed from our first round of planners 2 years ago. I found myself sitting at staff and team meetings wishing I had more space to write things down in my planner. After that, the NOTES TAB was born! Not only did we add notes pages to each monthly section, we added these notes pages in the back of your planners. :)
And last but certainly NOT least... the last page of the planner is a brand-new STICKERS PAGE! :)
We kept these stickers blank so that you can use them anyway you want. We love this addition to the planner and can't wait to see how you use them! We also have some beautiful sticker sets coming to our shop that will make a perfect addition to your planners! We did not order many, so get one before they are all gone!
We hope you love our new updates as much as we do and will join the BERTEAU & Co. family!
Pre-orders for these planners are now available. We will begin shipping them out at the end of March! 
Your friend, Jose Cortez

Jose Cortez
Jose Cortez


1 Response

Lisa B
Lisa B

July 22, 2018

Howdy friend!! I was wondering if you have ever thought about making just a monthly planner. Most of my stuff gets put into my teacher planner, but would love to have just a monthly calendar/planner to carry with me versus carrying my teacher lesson planner with me all the time.

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