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Get $10 off automatically when you spend $100 or more!

Notepad - Checklist

The BERTEAU & Co. Checklist Notepad is perfect for all of the things you'd like to keep track of! You can use it for grades, for attendance, to keep track of permission slips or money turned it, for reading minutes, the possibilities are endless! Once you use all of the page, you can tear it off of the notepad, hole punch it and stick it in a binder for year-long data. 

**All order shipments begin in June 2023. 

Product Details

  • 50 sheet notepad with cardboard backing
  • Made for a class size of 30 students or less
  • 14 columns per student
  • 8.5 X 11 inches
  • 70 lb. paper
  • Printed in full color

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Miranda Bratland

Notepad - Checklist

Love it

I really love how easy it is to use the check list that comes with the planners but the extra pages help make it through each marking period.

I appreciate that when my package was misdelivered by the mail system a replacement was sent. Thank you so muchl

Helpful in K

While on-line checklists are great, there are times that I am working or observing my kindergartners and need to quickly check their skills. I keep this checklist in my clipboard and can easily grab it when I need it.

Jeannette Borges

So useful! As teachers we are prone to buying stationary and all things related; but how many of these items are actually useful? This checklist is exactly what I needed and soooo cute. ♥️

staci hatcher

I use this for informal assessments daily. First, I document my students' monthly HFW and Rd levels on one sheet using 2 columns for each month.
Then while they read to me, I use another sheet with names pre-listed and I mark a check for got it right or x for got it wrong under various columns that I pre-label. (more organized and saves time) Ex: rd level, meaning, structure, self-corrects, ed, ing, es, s, sounds out, fluency, B,M,E, etc. This way I can easily see what I need to teach or reteach. This is one of my favorites because it is so versatile.

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