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Get $10 off automatically when you spend $100 or more!

2024 - 2025 Gerry Brooks Erducator Teacher Planner by BERTEAU & Co.

Say hello to our BERTEAU & Co. Gerry Brooks Erducator Teacher Planners.

This planner is part of BERTEAU & Co.'s 2024 line of Teacher Planners! This year's planner collection comes with brand new sturdy metal coils, gold foil accents, five gorgeous sticker pages (featuring a new holidays sticker page,) a plastic zipper pouch, a plastic page protector, a double-sided pocket folder, and spaces for a class size of up to 40 students! 

The planner comes as is. There are no customization options and changes cannot be made to the layout or design. 


  • Approximately 10.5" X 12" and 3.2 lbs
  • Full Color throughout
  • Hard Cover 
  • Gold foil accents
  • NEW Gold spiral binding
  • Gold metal corners 
  • Laminated tabs
  • 120 gsm paper
  • Flat lay design 
  • Double-sided pocket folder
  • 5 sticker pages
  • Plastic zipper pouch
  • Plastic page protector 
  • Calendar months are printed and begin July 2024 and end in June 2025.

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Planner Walkthrough With Mr. Greg

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Lisbeth Medrano

Amazingly beautiful planner!


Oh....this is an AMAZING planner!! It has ALL the things a teacher needs. It is colorful and very high quality!! I can't wait to write in it next year!!! I am soooo happy with my decision to buy this planner.

Jessica G.
Best Teacher Planner EVER!

This is a quality, heavy-duty lesson plan book. I love all of the extras (parent contact logs, seating charts, etc.). I teach 6 different subjects, so I love having 6 columns and rows. I wondered if this was worth the price. It 100% is! I can’t wait to start using it next fall.

Janeesha Brewster
Best purchase ever!

I was attracted by the covers. BUT this planner is SO much more. In switching computer systems, this has become planner, gradebook, emergency contact information. It's all there and that means less worry on my part. 🥰

Kimberly Yoakem
OMGB! Can’t Wait To Write In It!

I am totally in love with my new planner! It started with the excitement of seeing the box (insert Giddy teenage squeal here! 🤪). My heart was pounding as I opened the box ever so carefully to find the most gorgeous wrapping! I felt like it was my birthday 🥳 or something. It was so beautiful. I had to make myself take pictures to remember this moment. 📸Finally sensory overload as I held that masterpiece in my hands. I had to smell it, touch it, rub my cheek on it, look at every single page, and then fight back the urge to start making plans for a class I know nothing about. Who knows what grade level, or which kids, or even if I’ll be at the same school. But, one thing is for sure. That gorgeous hunk of a planner will not leave my site… I went ahead and put my name in there just in case someone decided to get their put their sticky fingers on it and claim it for their own. One thing I can tell you for certain is there shall be a new Berteau & Co. planner every year for the rest of my teaching career. 💜🩵🩷💚💛

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