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Using Checklists in your Classroom

by Jose Cortez August 29, 2018

Over the years we have learned so many different ways that checklists can be extremely useful to teachers during the school year. Every suggestion and idea offered has truly inspired us to create a checklist that lets you tackle anything that you need to track! 

We designed our checklist page in our larger planners using our numbered, color coded system that lets you identify your students easier when looking through our planners and notepads. That way, whatever student you have listed on each number will be the same color throughout our planners and checklist notepads.

We wanted to share some of the great ideas that have been shared with us, on the multiple ways to use checklists in the classroom. If you have a suggestion that you would like to share, please comment below on this blog post! We would love for our blog posts to become a place where teachers share ideas that help our community of teachers stay organized throughout the school year! 

Ideas for using checklists in your classroom

  • Turning in signed forms (i.e. Back to school forms, Permission slips, etc.)
  • Tracking who turned in homework and classwork
  • Keeping track of parent conferences
  • Classroom jobs – to be sure that everyone has a chance to try each job
  • IEP progress monitoring
  • Keep the quote winners
  • Proud moment of the day phone calls
  • T-shirt sizes
  • Gradebook
  • Formative assessment check
  • Recording beginning, middle and end of the year assessment data
  • Reading levels/Reading Minutes

Do you have a suggestion you would like to add to our list? Please share below in the comments section! 

Jose Cortez
Jose Cortez


CEO & Owner

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